What is Connected Health?


Our brand new Connected Health catalogue has just hit the shelves. Contained within is a treasure trove of smart watches designed to help you be the best you in 2020.

But what exactly do we mean by Connected Health? In this blog we’ll outline what to look out for when thinking of purchasing your fitness device.

What is Connected Health?

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Meet Mark, one of our Connected Health experts. Mark knows the importance of connected devices on your fitness journey. By providing insights into your daily life and exercise routines, these devices can improve your wellness and integrate physical fitness into your everyday life.

Many devices connect seamlessly to your smartphone, so you can receive notifications mid-workout without having to stop and check your phone.

Here at Harvey Norman, we have devices for everyone; no matter your age or skill level. Be sure to ask one of our Connected Health experts for any advice, so you can find the device that’s best suited to your needs!

 Heart Rate


Your device will track your heart rate all day and night to show you time spent in Fat Burn, Cardio and Peak periods during workouts and accurately tell you how many calories you’ve burnt.

Sleep Monitoring


A device with sleep monitoring will tell you the quality of your night’s sleep, tracking sleep zones and time spent within them. your device can also give you tips on improving your sleep.

Step Counting 


It’s well known that you strive to achieve 10,000 steps a day. Your device will tell you how close you are getting to this each day and let you know when you’ve achieved it.

GPS Location Tracking 


Devices with GPS will accurately track the route of your walk or run, letting you know what distance you’ve achieved.

Motivation & Reminders 


Your device will help you stay motivated on your fitness and well being journey. With friendly reminders to get up and go, it’s the perfect partner for your fitness journey and you’ll find yourself being more active in no time at all.

We hope this has been helpful. If you’d like some more information on our HUGE collection of smart watches; make sure to check out our blog.