5 Reasons to Love Smoothies


We’ve tried and tested the best blenders on the market and here’s what we found…

  1. Blending is the quick, easy and efficient way to get your 5-a-day. Instead of having to eat multiple pieces of fruit or veg, you can mix them together in a blender and drink your smoothie on the go!
  2. If you find it difficult to stomach vegetables and fruit, blenders can help. They’re a great alternative because they break food down while retaining its vitamins and nutrients. They can turn what looks like a lot of food into a tasty, easy-to-drink smoothie in an instant.
  3. Blending won’t spike your blood sugar levels as it retains fibre.
  4. Add what you like, such as healthy fats. If you feel your mix is missing fats, add some hemp or flax seed oil to give it that extra boost.
  5. Blending helps you to replace a meal you’ve missed. If you’re in a rush in the evening or get home late from your boxercise class, simply put together a smoothie and you’ll still hit your targets. This saves you from having to cook and digest an entire meal late in the evening.

Here are our favourite blenders…

NutriBullet Balance Smart Food Blender


The NutriBullet Balance Smart Food Blender goes beyond the conventional requirements of your everyday blender. For example, when you download the Balance App, you get to see the nutritional value of each ingredient you pop in the blender, in real-time as you add it in, including calories, carbs, protein, fat, sodium and more. This allows you to tailor each smoothie to what you require, meaning a day won’t go by that you won’t get in all of your nutrients.

KitchenAid Diamond Blender


Able to handle any ingredient, the stainless steel tri-blade means you can confidently crush ice cubes, purée soft fruits or blend extra-thick milkshakes, delivering silky smoothness every time. Fill the uniquely designed pitcher and see how the Intelli-Speed function starts the motor slowly before increasing power once ingredients have started to blend.

Sage The Boss Blender


By name and by nature, Sage The Boss Blender runs the kitchen. Its ProKinetix Blade and Bowl System is designed with 3 powerful stainless steel blades contoured to the base of the jug for maximum cutting power and processing results. The blender also has LCD display that allows you to adjust its speed for complete control when blending.

Remember to shop online or in-store to find a blender that suits your needs.

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