The Importance of Sleep with Glenda Gilson

Glenda Gilson

Having become one of Ireland’s favourite entertainment presenters, Glenda Gilson is often bombarded with questions on how to keep track of a hectic schedule.

The answer is simple: a good night’s rest!

“Sleep is the most important thing in life, to look good and feel good in every way. There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning all night, your head goes into overdrive. The right sleeping environment is key to living a healthy and happy life.”

However, with such an incredibly busy schedule comes a great toll on her night time rituals. Gilson admits her pregnancy has caused interference with getting a peaceful night’s rest.
“My sleep has changed since I became pregnant. I’m awake half the night. I’m known in my family as the sleeper as everything could fall down around me and I still won’t wake up!”

However, the TV star said she isn’t worried as she is taking the necessary steps to regaining a good night’s sleep. “I have just picked up the new Harvey Norman natural fibre Viscount mattress to ensure that when we can sleep we get the best sleep.

When she isn’t working (or sleeping), Gilson admits that she loves nothing more than curling up on a sofa with her partner. When asked to describe her perfect evening she said: “A good movie, my husband and my dog, Yazz, and loads of goodies! I’m doing lots of this lately but not for long!”

With the new Marie Keating campaign in full swing, Gilson is encouraging bed time enthusiasts to pop into a Harvey Norman store and pick up a mattress from the Sleep Pink Range. Having worked hard to create the Marie mattress, Harvey Norman will donate €100 for every Marie Mattress sold.

Glenda Gilson has considered herself honoured to stand alongside the Marie Keating Foundation; a charity which actively raises awareness on breast cancer.

Gilson said the work is extremely important in today’s world.

“I always try to support the Foundation throughout the year, the work they do is so important and I’m always proud to speak on their behalf or help raise their profile.”

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