Talking Mattresses with Storm Keating


When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, fashion designer Storm Keating insists that a slightly soft mattress does just the trick!

Speaking to Harvey Norman, Keating says how finding the perfect balance between support and comfort in bedding is key to one’s health.

“Ronan and I favour a slightly softer mattress but still supportive, so ours is a memory foam and pocket sprung mattress.”

The celebrity power couple may have a jam-packed schedule flying all over the world, yet they still manage to put in their fair share of goodwill. With her husband’s family having set up the Marie Keating Foundation, in honour of his late mother Marie, the duo actively campaign for breast cancer awareness.

“It’s been a great year for the Foundation marking 20 years since Marie died and celebrating all that has been achieved in her name. Ro and I always try to support where we can as the cause is so close to our hearts. This year we have worked with the Foundation on their IrelandAM Fights Cancer campaign, the annual Marks and Spencer Marie Keating Golf Event and other fundraising initiatives like their partnership with Irish Pride on their HiFibre Pink Loaf launch.

With the new Marie Keating campaign in full swing, Keating is encouraging bed time enthusiasts to pop into a Harvey Norman store and pick up a mattress from the Sleep Pink Range. Having worked hard to create the Marie mattress, Harvey Norman will donate €100 for every Marie Mattress sold.

Storm has shared her excitement about the campaign, saying how sleeping has become an integral part of her life since the arrival of her son, Cooper.

 Cooper is such a good baby and has always been a great sleeper. I sometimes joke that I get more sleep now since having Cooper than beforehand! But as any mom will know, there are still those nights whether it’s teething, illness or even jetlag in our case, which are a killer. The first night I can handle…two nights in a row and I’m struggling…by the third night my eyes are rolling out of my head and I feel like I could cry (or I do cry!).”

Keating has commended whose children wake up constantly throughout the night; “I take my hat off to the mammies who manage to keep going even when they have bubs who aren’t amazing sleepers like Coops – the way I see it is…I’m cheating and those women are the real super heroes!”

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