Music as stress relief


Stress is a major by-product of our fast-paced modern lives, with the demands of work and family life and the constant blare of audio and visual noise around us everyday.

Stress is actually a natural occurrence; it’s the body’s physical way of reacting to challenging moments. In the past, this might have initiated a fight or flight response to help get you away from an attacker.

In modern times our lives have changed so much that the constant pressure of demanding work deadlines could create similar physical reactions and, over time, generate extremely negative symptoms like muscular pain, intestinal distress, even rashes or hives on the skin.

Stress, over long periods of time, is most certainly a problem which makes it more vital than ever to find a way to decompress – to relax and regain control over your psychological and physical well-being. And one way to relax is by taking some time out to listen to music.

The uses of music for relaxation are many and varied. You can for example use headphones to listen to your favourite tunes on a cramped train, helping those who find these situations stressful or frustrating to retain their own sense of privacy in the din.

Classical music has a proven soothing effect and you can take that one step further by incorporating it into some kind of meditation. It’s important to make time as often as you can to relax both your mind and body, and gentle songs with minimal other stimuli are an excellent way to do it.

Singing can also have a cathartic effect, whether in the shower or in a group with a choir or even belting out tunes at karaoke. Use music to take a break from your normal life, to step back and take a moment just for yourself.

Research has shown the far-reaching positive effects of music in everything from helping people to perform better in exams to reducing the anxiety of cancer patients. There’s a link between music and pain relief and enjoying tunes has been shown to improve the well-being of elderly patients.

So while you might enjoy listening to music for the notes and lyrics themselves, it could also be a part of your daily stress-relief regime. In which case, keep it up and consider adding in an element of meditation or relaxation, even if your idea of a relaxing time is going out for a run with some heavy rock music playing in your headphones!

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In Short: Stress is one of those things that goes along with life. A certain amount can be good, but it can take its toll. We can get relief through music though.

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