Harvey Norman’s Anti-Allergy Ideas

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The allergy season is here and for many of us it’s a season that leaves us feeling under the weather when all we want to do is enjoy it. Take Hay Fever for example, a common allergy that can irritate your eyes and cause sneezing. It’s brought on by pollen which for those of us who love flowers, is a shame. Luckily for you however, we have a selection of faux flowers that allow you to still create a colourful bunch you love while avoiding irritation at the same time. Dust allergies are another issue for many of us and while it is common, we feel it shouldn’t effect your sleep. That’s where our anti-allergy products come into play. As you’ll discover below, we have a unique range of products tailor made to help those fighting back against allergies.

Faux Flowers

Faux flowers give you the chance to surround yourself with your favourite flowers and avoid the allergies. Designed to match their real-life counterparts, these natural beauties will add a wonderful sense of freshness to your home without fading over time. Take the Succulent Mix in Terracotta Pot for example which can be placed on a kitchen window sill or hallway console table, bringing a radiant glow of colour to the space. Similar arrangements include the Succulent Mix in Terracotta Pot Square and the Agapanthus Blue.

To create your own bundle you can piece individual faux flowers together from our large range available. We have Rose’s that lend their eternal beauty to your home, adding an elegant touch to any room you place them in. For a more eclectic mix of flowers you can bring together single pieces such as the Phalaenopsis StrayHamamelis Spray and Eucalyptus Spray.

Anti-Allergy Duvets


The Anti Allergy duvet is anti bacterial, fights dust mites and with a 4.5 tog, regulates your body temperature in warm weather. Its design is perfect for those who struggle for sleep as it allows you to free yourself of allergy worries and instead focus on recharging your batteries. When adorned in the stunning duvet and bed sheet Clara range, which features 100% cotton and natural cooling benefits, you’ll create a set that’s a delight to get under and difficult to get out of. A matching set of Anti-Allergy Pillows are also available separately.

Anti-Allergy Pillows


This pair of anti-allergy pillows comprise of 100% microfiber covers and Ultrafine fillings. With a premium bound finish for long lasting protection, the pillows will fight allergies, dust and bacteria’s. Speaking of their long lasting design, the pillows are also machine washable, maintaining their comfort all the while. That’s a lot of features to take in and we haven’t even mentioned comfort yet! That comfort comes from its heat regulating ability, a trait shared with the matching Anti-Allergy Duvet also available.

Our Anti Allergy duvet and pillows seen above are on promotion throughout June and July and available at half price. For more anti-allergy and faux flower option, shop in-store or online and get your indoor garden going today!

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