Spring Cleaning Tips


Spring is finally here, so it’s time to wash the winter blues away with some quick spring cleaning tips and tricks. They don’t have to be complicated to make a real difference!

Let There be Light, and Air!It’s never easy to decide to do a full clean of your home but once the daylight hours get longer and your place looks pristine you’ll be glad you did. Open those windows that have been closed all winter and get some air circulating and natural light peering into the darkest corners. It will help to kill airborne microbes and the drop in temperature might get you working faster!

Vinegar is Your FriendSometimes, the oldest tricks are the best and vinegar is really a wonderful cleaning solution. It’s all down to its high acid content which helps to break down grease and also fights bacteria, germs and moulds. That means you should pretty much use it anywhere.

Great uses for vinegar include on oily carpet stains, dirty blinds, to remove lime scale and as an effective window/glass cleaner. You can use any brand you find in a shop (just not balsamic!) and it’s natural and biodegradable so it won’t cause any more damage to your surfaces.

Steaming SolutionsSometimes vinegar and elbow grease just won’t cut it, so its time to bring in the big guns. Steam cleaners use superheated water to kill 99.9 percent of germs in a way that’s totally chemical free and easy to use anywhere.

You can even get solutions which use steam and vacuum at the same time, for a powerful cleaning which won’t leave behind any messy residue to odour. Use steam cleaning on carpets and flooring as well as fabric furniture and more around the house.

Make a Bag for Your Local CharityWe all have the potential be hoarders, especially when it comes to throwing things into storage cupboards and shelves we never use. As the weather turns warmer it’s time for a quick clothing inventory. Did you wear any of these clothes last Spring? The year before? If it hasn’t seen the light of day in more than a year, it’s safe to donate to a worthy cause.

Get OrganisedYou’re doing the decent thing and moving little used clothes or old books, photos, toys, etc into storage somewhere else in the house. So how are you going to find it again?

In this case, labelling is absolutely essential. Whether it’s making sure you can find those Christmas decorations again or making it clear to everyone in the house exactly what that particular drawer is for so they don’t keep filling it with junk. And a label maker is the ideal solution with a full LCD screen and durable stickers which can survive for years, even outside. Get your house in order!

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In Short: As the evenings get longer and temperatures start to rise, its time to get get back to grips with your own house

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