A Look Back at Ireland’s Eurovision Winners


For the first time in five years, Ireland has made it into the Eurovision final!

There was once a time when Ireland was considered one of the leading competitors of this all-important cultural institution, but in recent years we’ve unfortunately been unable to hit those high notes, until last night that is.

Troubadour Ryan O’Shaughnessy wowed the crowds in Lisbon last night with his stunning tune ‘Trouble’ (which you can listen to below), and in honour of his fantastic achievement we’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane and revisit Ireland’s Eurovision Winners.


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Ireland achieved its first Eurovision win back in 1970 with Dana’s beautiful ‘All Kinds of Everything’ a balladesque number that went on to become an international hit.


Ireland’s next win came exactly a decade later when the legendary Johnny Logan first took the Eurovision stage with the wonderful ‘Whats Another Year’.


Johnny repeated that fantastic performance with another win at Eurovision 1987 with the eternal classic that is ‘Hold Me Now’.


Ireland’s next win came just five years later in 1992 when Linda Martin stole the judges’ hearts with the enchanting ‘Why Me’ (which was written by the one and only Johnny Logan!).


Ireland went on a bit of a winning streak at that point, winning three Eurovisions (92-94) back to back.


The winner of the 1993 Eurovision was ‘In Your Eyes’ as sung by Niamh Kavanagh (above), while the winner of Eurovision ’94 was of course the beloved ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids’ from Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan.


Ireland’s last Eurovision win occurred in 1996 when Eimear Quinn sang ‘The Voice’.


While it’s been 22 years since Ireland last won the Eurovision, we’re very confident that Ryan O’Shaughnessy can go the distance and finally secure another Eurovision win for Ireland.

Good luck Ryan!

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