The Best Food to Eat Before Your First 5k Run


The Garmin Great Ireland Run 2018 takes place in the Phoenix Park in Dublin on Sunday, 15th of April, and as one of the chosen retail partners for this great running event, we’re posting some runner related blogs to help you get ready for your first 5k run.

These include training tips, guides to the very best Garmin products you can purchase today that will help you prepare for a 5k run plus information on relate runner products.

For today’s post, we’re reviewing the best food to eat before your first 5k run.

Non-Fat Greek Yoghurt

Non-fat Greek yoghurt is regarded as a bit of a wonder food for athletes and for good reason too. With an average of 18 grams of protein per 170 gram serving and high content rates of potassium, zinc and vitamins B6 and B12, non-fat Greek yoghurt is packed with all the nutrients runners need for strong bones and high energy outputs. As a result, non-fat Greek yoghurt is an essential food for runners of all levels.


Another food source that contains high rates of potassium and vitamin B6 in addition to vitamin C and manganese, bananas are the pre- and post-run food of choice for runners all over the world. Bananas can help your body to stay fit and strong in between demanding training sessions so make sure you stock up the next time you go shopping.

Peanut Butter

When it comes to fuelling your runs, you’ll be hard pressed by find a better food source than peanut butter. It’s rich in healthy fats, protein and fibre and slowly releases nutrients, ensuring you stay energised for longer. Many runners combine peanut butter with bananas for a great tasting and extremely nourishing snack that can be enjoyed before and after runs.

There are lots of great-tasting food options that are well-suited to the needs for runners but the above three are among the most commonly recommended for new runners.

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