Taf Toys Are Now at Harvey Norman – Fun and Stimulation for Babies


Get your little ones off to a great start with Taf toys, now at Harvey Norman Ireland.

The Taf Toy company was founded in 1991, aiming to create toys that not only entertain babies but also play an important part in their cognitive and physical development. Their carefully crafted designs will challenge your baby while also providing the fun and exploration they need to grow.

You’ll find a huge range of toys on offer – from playrugs to mobiles and handy hanging toys which you can use for distraction on car journeys. Rattles and bells let children create their own sounds and bright and colourful characters make playtime even more fun.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Taf knows how to create stimulating playthings with the under 2’s and as parents themselves they also know what does and doesn’t work for playtime. With the help of this knowledge, as well as the input of professional psychologists, you can make sure to give your child an imaginative and curious grounding for future life and education.

Taf also knows the importance of using different media to stimulate young minds, incorporating music and sound elements into many of their toys to bring learning alive. And that’s on top of the bright colours and imaginative designs which your child will love.

So pop into your local Harvey Norman store today to check out the full Taf selection or browse for them online.

In Short: Taf Toys have a long history of creating toys which stimulate the minds of babies, helping cognitive and physical development

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