Shavers For Every Style


Every guy has his own preference when it comes to facial hair. Some like biker beards, some like a goatee and the more daring go for the horseshoe mustache. Whatever your style is, Harvey Norman have a unique selection of shavers and trimmers to suit your needs. The selection includes the diverse; multi-blade shavers capable of creating any style, the discreet; palm sized shavers that work to the contours of your face, and the dependable; your classic shaver that’s both durable and efficient. So take a look at the four shavers we’ve selected for you today, each of which deliver your dream shave every time.

The Philips OneBalde is the definition of an all-rounder, letting you skip the usual process of trimming a little here, a little there before using your razor. This versatile shaver gives you the option to trim your beard, shave it or just edge it up a little. The blade follows the contours of your face, ensuring it won’t miss anything and in turn, delivering a perfect shave no matter what style you seek.

An instant classic, the Braun shaver offers total reliability in performance. With the FreeFloat shaving system, it follows the contours of your face to offer a close cut. Once complete, you can wash the shaver beneath a tap to keep it clean and prolong its use. Simply charge for 1 hour to guarantee a smooth shave each time.

The Philips 9-in-1 shaver is the real deal. It has everything you need for the complete shave, or restyling, each and every time. Simply select the fitting, shave for up to 70 minutes (probably enough time), and when you’re done, rinse the shaver to ensure years of use.

This unique shaver puts you in complete control of your shave. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and uses HyperFlex technology to bend the neck of the shaver and reach every little hair on your face. Shaving has never been as comfortable and easy as it has with the Remington Flex shaver.

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