Warren Beakey – Leading By Example


Meet Warren Beakey, the Rathfarnham Computer Department Assistant Manager who this February is cycling 1000km to raise funds for the Harvey Norman Making Homes with Peter McVerry Trust Campaign.

Warren’s determination to make a positive impact and inspire others to do likewise knows no bounds as he prepares to tackle not only the cold February weather, but also 40km each day. However, these challenges won’t deter Warren from achieving his goal of raising €1,000 because he understands the situations homeless people face on a daily basis; the lack of security, warmth, food and at the core of it all, a place to call home. Through his efforts he hopes to inspire his work colleagues and those closest to him to donate and highlight the great work that the Peter McVerry Trust do. To discover more about our ‘Everyday Heroes’, click here.

Warren describes the support that Peter McVerry provides as “firmly putting the hand back on the shoulder of those whom are homeless“, showing that they care and are here to help.While Warren has no doubts that each Harvey Norman store will reach their fundraising targets, he hopes that the campaign will create a greater impact and that people will continue to support the Peter McVerry Trust long after the campaign has ended. The long term goal is to leave a lingering thought in the minds of those around him that even the smallest contribution can have a positive, lasting effect. Upon completion of his own efforts and those of Harvey Norman as a whole, he looks forward to seeing the difference the campaign will make to the lives of the homeless.

The Peter McVerry Trust are working to provide social housing to accommodate the homeless and to begin to reduce the problem. The important issue to remember is that we as a collective can work together to end homelessness, in turn giving the homeless a new lease of life, a second chance.

If you would like to find out more about our Harvey Norman Making Homes campaign, you can do so here. Likewise, if you would like to discover more about the homeless situation and the work of Peter McVerry, you can also do so here.

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