Keep Your New Year Resolutions With Some Help From a Fitness Tracker


The New Year is here and with it millions of people around the globe who will be diving headlong into their resolutions. But despite the best of intentions, up to three quarters of people will fail to live up to these oh-so-trying goals.

And that’s a real shame, especially when it comes to fitness. With obesity levels on the rise in Ireland, effecting more than half the population, keeping fit is not only a great idea for 2015 but for every year to help you to have a long and healthy life.

But if can be hard to change your habits, especially after the overindulgence of Christmas. Thankfully, there’s some tech that’s here to help.

The smartwatch revolution may be finally starting to take hold but another wearable revolt has been going on at the same time with the rise of the fitness tracker. These handy devices are usually worn on the wrist and give you all kinds of information about your active life.

Most will track your steps and give you an idea of the number of calories burned and they do so in a number of ways – from the full touch screen of the Samsung Gear Fit to the subtle vibrations and comprehensive logging of the stylish Jawbone UP24.

All trackers collect a huge amount of information about your daily life, which can be synced to apps on mobile and home computers to show your progress or where you might be failing to hit your goals. With these metrics, you can see exactly where you need to improve and some apps let you log your food intake for a total view of your fitness.

You might think that these devices are only for superfit people who are planning for their next marathon but they can also be vital motivational tools, especially for those who aren’t used to regular exercise.

Even just 30 minutes of extra walking a day can make an incredible difference to your life, especially for the huge numbers of people who spend all their time sitting at a desk. Some trackers, like the Garmin Vivofit, take note when youhaven’t been moving – with a red notification going off after an hour of inactivity. Just get up from your desk for a few minutes to reset it.

No matter what activity tracker you opt for, including popular offerings from Fitbit and Withings, it’s all about keeping fitness in mind with a constant reminder on your wrist. You don’t need to be slaving away in the gym, just getting up off the couch and away from your computer for a few extra minutes every day. You’ll be surprised how quickly it makes a difference and how easy it is with a dedicated fitness tracker.

You’ll find a large range of fitness tracking tech and wearables at Harvey Norman now.

In Short: So you’ve promised to get in shape for 2015? Good for you! Now you need a little extra help to stay away from the couch

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