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While technology has replaced many items in every household, the cookbook managed to stand the test of time. Until now, that is, thanks to one Irish company.

Drop aims to make cooking and baking a more enjoyable, hassle-free and accurate process. The company has produced a connected scale, which works in tandem with a recipe app, to enable anyone to bake wonderful creations.

The app features hundreds of delicious recipes and offers a step-by-step visual guide that is easy to follow. Drop can be used to recalculate a recipe if you need a larger or smaller serving; can re-scale based on how much of a recipe you have on hand; and can suggest alternatives if you’re missing an ingredient.

Drop shines thanks to its connected features. The Bluetooth scale syncs with the app wirelessly, allowing you to see exactly how much more of an ingredient is required at a glance. You may worry about having your tablet in the kitchen, but Drop eases that stress somewhat. A capacitive touch button on the scale allows you to interact with the app without tapping your iPad with wet or floury fingers.

When everything is done and in the oven, there’s no need to hover around. In-app timers help to keep you on top of everything, so that there are no baking fails. If you leave the kitchen, Drop will send an alert to your iPhone when it is time to check the oven.

This season offers ample opportunities for having friends or family members over for dinner. CEO and co-founder Ben Harris has said that this is part of Drop’s vision. He told Independent.ie, “We’re making Drop’s vision—to bring people together around home-cooked food—a reality, by reinventing recipes and enriching them with the latest “Internet of Things” technology and thinking,”

Drop is proud to be Irish and Harris explained that the product will feature a “designed in Ireland” stamp. Big things are in store for the company. PCH Founder and CEO Liam Casey, responsible for the incubator where Drop was developed, sang the praises of the four co-founders. “The four co-founders are phenomenal entrepreneurs and we’re proud to be part of their team,” he said. Casey added, “Their laser-focus on product design, product brand and the consumer experience, is certainly paying off.”

Harris noted that the company has a great partnership in place with Harvey Norman. The Drop Kitchen Scale will be the first product stocked, “and down the line with our other connected products that we have in the pipeline,” Harris said.

Drop is available at Harvey Norman now – click here for details.

In Short: Drop looks set to be the next big thing to arrive in the kitchen. Here’s what you need to know ahead of its release in Harvey Norman on November 15th.

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