5 Great Things to Do With Potatoes For National Potato Day!


Today is National Potato Day – 24 hours where we celebrate the incredible delights of one of our favourite foods!

With a history providing good hearty food to humans for at least 8,000 years (yes really!), first appearing in history during the time of hunter-gatherers in South America. Many thousands of years later, the humble vegetable reached Europe thanks to the great explorers of the 1500’s.

Today, it’s the world’s fourth largest food group and a component part of cuisine from all corners of the globe. And naturally that means it has a national day around it in Ireland! To celebrate the spud, we’ve got five great tips for ways to use them.

Make a chocolate cake!We kid you not, you can actually use potatoes as an ingredient in chocolate cake! Using mashed potato as part of the preparation not only helps to keep the cake tender and moist but its also famed for letting it last even longer before it goes stale. But no doubt this delicious cake will be gone in moments!

Get Rid of Stains on Your HandsPotatoes have so many uses in food but you may not have heard of this one. Persistent stains on skin can be treated by cutting a potato in half and rubbing the raw flesh on your skin. It really works, and its better than using some tough chemical soap.

Parmesan PotatoesAdd a little continental spice to your potato dish this National Spud day by slicing one in half and heaping it high with parmesan cheese. Sprinkle with paprika and garnish for fanciness, making baked potato feel like a holiday for your mouth!

Give Your Shoes a Sprucing UpIf your leather shoes have seen better days but you’re still too fond of them to throw them out, you should see what a potato can do. Simply rub a raw tuber on the leather as a restorative then polish to see them come up like new!

Make the perfect fries, the healthy way.Arguably the ultimate destiny for any potato, making fries is the perfect way to enjoy our favourite vegetable. But chips don’t have to be unhealthy, with advanced technology of air frying only a small amount of oil is used, cooking the chips via superheated air. The result is crispy, delicious chips in minutes, without the fat. You can learn more about health fryers here.

Check out the latest airfryers here at Harvey Norman and enjoy your National Potato Day!

In Short: It’s National Potato Day and while you might think you know everything there is to know about the humble spud, we guarantee you’ve missed a trick!

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