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At Harvey Norman we are Cooking in Style, showing you how easy it is to just get rid of your old cookers and hobs and transform your kitchen with new appliances. We ask Catherine Fulvio what appliances have transformed her kitchen and find out what makes a perfect dinner party.

Q. You must work in so many different kitchens, from work to home to demonstrations, what kitchen appliances are a must for your professional kitchen?

A. Well I have recently installed Whirlpool AKZM 755/ix ovens in my cookery school, and apart from the great features of the 3 level cooking and the no need to pre-heat. The one feature that I’ve found is amazing is the dough proving function, especially with my love of baking Italian…. I can now achieve perfectly risen dough at the touch of a button, which is an amazing advantage

Q. Have you discovered any technology in cooking that you now couldn’t live without? ( Steam, Induction, Gas on Glass, etc)

A. Yes I have recently discovered the Whirlpool Induction Oven AKZM 8790/ix. Using the induction technology I can now cook recipes in half the time and save up to 50% on energy, while still achieving the same great cooking results.

I’m also extremely impressed by the Crisp function in the Whirlpool combi-microwave ovens – I can actually now bake perfectly browned and risen scones in the microwave in under 12 minutes! There is no excuse now for not having fresh scones for those unexpected weekend visitors… music to my ears.

Q. For throwing a large dinner party what recipes would you recommend for an amateur chef and what appliances would they need?

A. Making use of all the wonderful Whirlpool cooking appliances the menu should consist of a light starter, meaty main and delicious dessert…

I’d be thinking a Warm Radicchio, Spinach and Basil Salad – using the induction hob to lightly chargrill the radicchio and spoon over warm dressing… it’s made in minutes. Can be served with scones using the fantastic crisp function mentioned above for accompanying pesto spiral scone

Then for an irresistible meaty main it would have to be Chinese Styled Roast Beef from our Fab Mains & Desserts Cookery Course – this sirloin of beef roasted with lovely Asian flavours and roasted pepper and crushed parsnip is divine and creates a lovely warm aroma for guests that will just lure them to the dinner table.

Dessert would have to be from my latest cookbook – Bake Like an Italian, and I would go for the Strawberry and Blueberry Tart – pretty to look at using up the last of the Blueberries from the garden here at Ballyknocken.

Q. You recently did a cooking demonstration in Harvey Norman Swords, where you whipped up a North Indian Prawn Curry, have you a preference for any particular international cuisine?

A. Variety is the spice of life and I do love tasting and enjoying food from around the world, I love Asian flavours but my heart lies with Italian – I just love the freshness of the dishes and the simplicity of the ingredients: the end result is always moreish !!!

Q. Are you working on any new cook books or TV shows at the moment?

A. Well my new cookbook – Bake like an Italian, launches next Friday 19th September so I am very excited about that. It is my fifth cookbook and each one is more enjoyable to produce… I just love the process of researching, testing and writing the recipes.

I am also just about to go into production for a new RTE Series “Lords and Ladels” which I start filming with Derry Clarke and Paul Flynn in the coming weeks… I am really looking forward to this as it is slightly different to my usual role and I am sure it is going to be immensely interesting.

Happy cooking!

Catherine Fulvio

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In Short: Celebrity cook Catherine Fulvio has been doing live demos in Harvey Norman Swords – here she talks about her favourite dishes and equipment!

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