The Perfect Coffee Machine for You


Thinking about purchasing a coffee machine for your home but unsure of what’s the best choice for you? Check out our handy guide below to find out about the main types of coffee machine you can pick from.

Pod and Capsule Coffee Machines

As the name implies, pod and capsule coffee machines are automatic coffee makers that use disposable coffee-filled pods or capsules to make a delicious hot cup of coffee. To use, simply add water to the tank, pop the pod or capsule into the machine’s tray and press the button. The water from the tank is heated and forced through the pod, which captures the full flavour of the coffee in a process that takes seconds to complete.

Pod and capsule coffee machines are very easy-to-use and simple to clean and are available from a wide variety of different brands, including the extremely popular Nespresso line. Pod and capsule coffee machines are currently the most commonly bought type of coffee machine.

Espresso Coffee Machines

Espresso coffee machines provide owners with a quick and easy method for making barista-style espressos at home. These machines use pre-ground coffee, a filter holder and a water tank to create stunning espressos in a manner very similar to the pod and capsule coffee machines.

Add pre-ground coffee to the filter holder and press the button to have heated water pushed through the coffee at the precise bar pressure needed to make a rich and velvety espresso in next to no time. The ideal machine for the espresso lover.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Bean to cup coffee machines are favoured by true coffee enthusiasts who want the freshest coffee a kitchen appliance can provide. Bean to cup coffee machines take care of the entire process from bean to coffee; simply add fresh coffee beans, press the button and the machine will grind the beans into ground coffee before water is pushed through the coffee-holding filter and poured into your cup. The recommended machine for those who like their coffee as authentic as possible.

For the latest coffee machines, shop in-store or online.

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