So What Exactly Is The Dublin Coffee And Tea Festival?


The first ever Prices are as follows1 Day Pass €10.403 Day Pass €15.40A Film About Coffee €10

<a data-cke-saved-href=”” href=”” ;”=”” target=”_blank”>At the festival you’ll experience a huge range of coffee and tea brands, with sampling interactive exhibits and lots lots more. You can get all the info you need at the official site


– The Roasters VillageA market in miniature of roasters and retailers eager to engage the public face to face and chat about their unique blends.

– The Food VillageA plethora of artisan food and bevvies, each specifically made to compliment the consumption of tea and coffee. Pastries, juices and (of course) chocolate will be in no short supply.

– National CompetitionsPop along while the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe decides which baristas are best suited to represent Ireland in the upcoming World Barista Championships.

– The People’s StageExperience a range of video footage and one-on-one presentations from Farmers, importers, green bean traders, previously unseen in Ireland.

– The Festival RoasteryA micro-roastery will be constructed live at the event so the public can experience the roasting process first hand. Must for coffee enthusiasts.

Festival FactsAlmost 4000 tonnes of coffee was consumed in Ireland in 2012

€109 million worth of tea was sold in Ireland every year

Ireland has among the highest tea per capita consumption rates of any country

By the end of the year the Irish Coffee market will reach €71.1. million.

In Short: Harvey Norman is sponsoring the inaugural Dublin Coffee and Tea Festival taking place September 12-14th in the RDS

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