Celebrate National Sandwich Day


As if we needed an excuse to gorge on our favourite sambo but we’ll take any opportunity we can get. Whether you’re a dedicated baguette lover or a soda bread devotee, we invite you all to take full advantage of November 3rd, National Sandwich Day.

The humble slice of bread doesn’t really get the credit it deserves. Greeting you in the morning as buttery toast and then doing a major costume change at lunchtime, transforming into a triple decker sandwich with all the trimmings to get you through the afternoon. Until dinner. It’s been a long day, your stomach is rumbling, the fridge is empty and the shop is a million miles away. Then low and behold you open the cupboard and there lies before you, sealed and cinched for lasting freshness, is the foundation of a wholesomely satisfying meal. The sliced pan. Suddenly the opportunities are endless.

Regardless of the ingredients or appliances available, there is always something you can do with bread at any time of the day. Treat yourself to an artisan loaf and share with friends or devour a footlong sub in front of the TV (or both, we won’t judge!)

If this national celebration has inspired you to don an apron and try your hand at creating your own signature recipe then stop loafing around and get mixing! Here are some tools to get you started if you’re really committed to the grain or could be a potential gift for the bread lover in your life:

For those of you with a sweet tooth (everyone?), we highly recommend the ice-cream sandwich. Because there’s always room for dessert.



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