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Nutrition is an incredibly important part of college, though it’s often put on the backburner. Eating well will help you stay healthy and focused during the potentially gruelling year ahead. But if you’ve just moved out for college, or you need to get back into the swing of cooking for yourself again, you may be strapped for ideas…and possibly cash.

Here are some student friendly meals that will keep you fed, well nourished, and won’t break the bank.


Turkey Chilli Jacket Potatoes


What You’ll Need: Large baking potatoes, turkey mince, onion, passata

Hopefully the cold weather won’t hit for a while, but when it does you’ll be ready. These turkey chilli jacket potatoes are delicious and will help you feel toasty on a cold winter’s eve. All you have to do is bake the potatoes, cook up some chilli and mince, and then spoon the chilli into the top of each potato.

Full recipe here


Salsa Spaghetti


What You’ll Need: Spaghetti, mixed ripe tomatoes, black olives, hard Italian cheese

Spaghetti Bolognese has been the go-to dinner for students for many years now, and with good reason. It’s easy to whip up, affordable, and hits the spot when you’re hungry. Jamie Oliver’s salsa spaghetti puts a new twist on a classic, with olives, ripe tomatoes, and basil combining to make up a beautiful Mediterranean dish.

Full recipe here


Quick Tomato Soup with Cheesy Garlic Dippers


What You’ll Need: Can of cherry tomatoes, vegetable stock, mascarpone, ciabatta roll

Sure, you could go for a tin of soup, but making up your own gives you more control over the amount of salt and sugar in it. A good soup is a fine snack to turn to on a cold day, and it can be transported in a flask if you need to dash out of the house. Soup is nice and easy to make, requiring you to simply put all the ingredients in a pot and the cheesy garlic dippers are easy to prepare while the soup is keeping warm.

Full recipe here


Pukka Yellow Curry


What You’ll Need: Chicken drumsticks, chickpeas, yellow peppers, chicken stock, curry powder, basmati rice

This is a budget-friendly dish that looks phenomenal and is delicious to boot. It’s not too tricky to prepare; the curry is a case of combining ingredients in a food processor; the chicken drumsticks simply need to be fried before being added to the curry paste; and anyone can boil rice! This is sure to impress housemates, friends, and visitors.

Full recipe here


If you’d like more inspiration, we offered a few college-worthy meal suggestions last year.

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