Pigeon Pairing- a Fridge Freezer Fix

If you’re looking at doing some work on your kitchen in the near future you might want to consider leaving room for some appliances in a ‘pigeon pair’. This basically means doubling up on fridge and freezer storage with two full size units for a lot more space!

This phrase originally meant boy and girl twins who are currently the only kids, born from the fact that pigeons lay two eggs and the legend that they are always male and female. But it has been acquired by the homeware world.

Put simply, it’s a new way of thinking about your food storage, beyond the more common models like combination fridge-freezers and their larger American style cousins. Instead these models come as separate full size upright units which can be paired to maximise efficiency.

Fridges Explained
Combination models: a single column with the freezer at the top or bottom
Pigeon Pair: separate fridge and freezer upright units
American Style Multidoor: side by side fridge and freezer with dual doors
French Door: wide model with freezer below and up to four separate doors

There are a number of advantages to this, including having a huge amount more space inside than with the regular combination units. That makes them ideal for larger families, and saves on trips to the supermarket. You can also use your kitchen area more efficiently, filling up the vertical space which is often ignored.

For example the Siemens Upright Fridge and Siemens Upright Freezer make for ideal companions, with a capacity altogether of almost 600 litres.

You don’t have to have a huge house to make the most of pigeon pairing either, with a large range of different kinds of models, including under counter options to make the best use of space in your smaller home.

Technology Explained
The latest fridges and freezers come with a huge amount of extra technology for your food storage needs. Cooler and humidity controlled areas keep your perishables fresh for longer and they’re also frost free by design – so you won’t waste time defrosting anymore.

Some models like the Bosch Combo Fridge Freezer even include smart features like a camera inside which lets you use your smartphone to check what groceries you need!

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