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The internet is a wonderful place, full of the most incredible information, enthralling entertainment and copious cat videos.

But it can also be a little too vast at times, overwhelming in its scope and scale and bewildering in the number of Google search results you’ll get for any given topic. Thankfully, we’re here to help guide you through the wild interwebs, with our pick of the best website out there on a range of subjects.

Today, we’re giving you a shortlist of the best foodie blogs around – perfect for when you’re peckish or want to plan something fancy.

French Foodie in Dublin

Set up in 2012, FFID (for short) is the blog of a French lady called Ketty who has lived in Dublin since 2004. This award winning site is about Ketty’s local and not so local adventures in food and she’s recently started v-logging to give you a new way to interact. There’s also a monthly Foodie Movie Club – watch a movie, eat and chat!

Natural Born Feeder

Former Miss Ireland Rozanne Purcell set up this blog, all based on her long standing interest in healthy foods without extra additives or ingredients. Mostly composed of recipes you’ll find easy to follow instructions for a massive range of meals and treats, all with chatty introductions and top quality ingredients.

The Little Green Spoon

These days, Indy Power is a young business student at Trinity College Dublin but before all that she loved food. And she’s put that love to use by setting up The Little Green Spoon, a blog dedicated to delicious and healthy food of all sorts. We can’t wait to see what she does with the site when she finishes studying!

If you’re looking for something with a bit more personality, you’ll find it here. Imen is a former Film and TV gal from the States who gave it all up a decade ago to move to Ireland and live on a farm. Then the adventure really began as she works to figure out a new country and culture as well as how to get the most out of her new farm kitchen. She has a book on the way in 2015!

The Boozey Swine

And if all this healthy stuff is really just making you pine for a snackbox, this is the site you’ll want to bookmark. Kildare lad Andrew O’Donnell hosts this blog about treats of a greasier variety, though the dishes are all home-made and the entries are entertaining. Though probably not nutritious.

In Short: If you’re looking for some food-style inspiration then you have to check out our top 5 foodie blogs – from the healthy to the decidedly not

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