Waste Less Food with Whirlpool Fridges

The fridge purge is a necessary evil.

We’ve all been there, wondering what lurks in the corner of the fridge. How long that substance in the door has been there, and what it once was. Don’t feel bad, it’s just human nature to sometimes forget that pesto really doesn’t have a five year shelf life.

Fear not! Though there’s no cure for items left long past their best by date the latest technology from Whirlpool can keep your food fresh for longer everyday.

Supreme NoFrost: makes sure that the ideal storage temperature is maintained at all times, in every compartment throughout the fridge. That means excellent preservation without the need to freeze and defrost.

Fresh Control: humidity inside your fridge is just as important as temperature for keeping food from spoiling and this technology controls humidity to keep food fresh up to four times longer. That’s great for fresh veg nuts- go mad at the weekly shop!

Freeze Control: say goodbye to freezer burn thanks to a system that is kinder on food at low temperatures. That means less wasted food for you and tastier results too.

Activ0°: this special compartment is specifically designed for meat and fish. It’s kept at a constant 0° which keeps the food from freezing but ensures it has a long shelf life.

6th Sense Live: This is really cutting edge stuff, an app that lets you control your fridge remotely from your smartphone or tablet. That lets you check current settings, temperature and a whole lot more.

These features are available across a range of Whirlpool fridges at Harvey Norman now.




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