Drop is a Dublin Based Company Out to Revolutionise Home Cooking


You might not have heard of Drop yet, but this Dublin based start-up is going places.

Founded by Irish chap Ben Harris in 2012, Drop currently has offices in Dublin and San Francisco as well as significant investment from China. So why all the attention? Harris has his sights set on nothing less than revolutionising home cooking.

In a recent interview with Independent.ie, Harris talked about the nature of following recipes at home. Most people still use a cook book and they’re less than helpful when it comes to changing quantities or adapting to users with specific dietary requirements.

The team at Drop want to bring bakers and home chefs right into the 21st century, and they’re doing so with a smart and connected kitchen scales.

The Drop kitchen scale is a neat and gorgeously designed device which syncs wirelessly to your iPad via Bluetooth. Once connected, you can use the free to download app to access one of the 500 professionally vetted recipes ready at launch. And then the step by step instructions will guide you through each moment of preparing the dish, with the app and Drop monitoring exactly how much of each ingredient you’re using.

The Drop scale is incredibly precise and the smart recipetechnology allows you to adjust quantities on the fly – for example if you want to make twice as much of a given dish – while it will also suggest alternative ingredients if you like.

Other functions include giving you a personalised shopping list to make sure you’re ready to bake and even alerting your iPhone when it’s time to check the oven if you’ve left the room.

It’s a brilliant idea and the team at Drop are working just as hard to make sure that the hardware looks great and performs perfectly, while also working on the design and functionality of the free app.

It’s all designed to make home baking and cooking that bit more accessible, especially to people of the iPad generation. And Harris wants users to pick up those spatulas: “This is really something to get people back into the kitchen making decent food. It’s aimed at anyone who might consider buying a cook book. The app is free, so even if you don’t buy the hardware, you’ll get the advantage of high quality recipes from some of the best sources in the world.”

Drop is available at Harvey Norman now – click here for details.

In Short: Drop is a smart and connected kitchen scales with syncs with an iPad and unique app to give you perfect dishes every time

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