Magnet Tech Creates Superfridge That’s Cheaper to Use!

The future of fridges is magnets!

At least that’s what a company called Cooltech will be hoping. They’ve debuted the first ever magnetic refrigeration system for home use which will be capable of impressive results with lower energy costs.

It all works thanks to the ‘magnetocaloric effect’ – which essentially says that you can change the temperature of something by exposing it to a magnetic field. In the case of this new fridge tech, special materials inside at magnetised and demagnetised to draw the heat from inside. Less heat = cooler temperatures.


Because it doesn’t use the conventional method of gases, this tech has the potential to save on energy – and that’s good news for you when you check out the electricity bill!

The new technology is already being put to the test in a number of locations, starting out with commercial businesses with the results being carefully monitored. If all of the safety guidelines are met and the initial units can be made in a more streamlined form, it might not be long before we see magnetically enhanced fridges in local stores.

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