Clever Cookers Make Delicious Dishes


At the end of a long day, preparing a home cooked meal can seem like a chore but you might be surprised how the handy features in your oven can make your life easier and your meals even more delicious.

Whether you’re looking to taking your dishes to new heights or just dipping a toe into home cooking, you’ll find a huge amount of help right in your home oven – and it doesn’t hurt that oven cooked food is healthier than frying and tastes absolutely amazing.

For example this Neff oven makes all your kitchen activity easier with a Slide&Hide door. It completely folds away beneath the central cavity, so you won’t have any problem gaining access with cumbersome items – like a huge turkey!

Once you’ve got your food loaded, this model will also uses VarioSteam technology to retain moistness on the inside and crispness on the outside. There’s even a PerfectRoast thermometer which will ensure your food is at the ideal temperature throughout.

If you need a little extra help, cookControl Plus on the Siemens iQ700 is the ideal companion. It has a special menu for specific dishes which you can select on the large screen, and will take the hard work like temperature settings and timings out of your hands.

And you can take that even further with the dedicated roasting and baking sensors inside. These  sophisticated sensors take note of the moisture inside the oven, letting them determine exactly when your bread or cake or meat or veg is cooked perfectly inside out and out.

The Bosch Serie 8 oven is a built in model with advanced features for the beginner or improver. BoschAssist automatically sets up heat and time for a huge range of food types, so you can concentrate on getting the rest of the dinner together.

Even baking is of utmost important for every kind of cooking and the 4D Hot Air system which uses a system of fans to keep the air inside your oven constantly moving, ensuring the same temperature throughout for consistent results.

These models and more are available at Harvey Norman, which stocks a huge range of ovens for your every culinary need. Click online to see the full range and call into our stores around Ireland where our expert staff will help you choose the product that’s right for you.



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