Never Clean Your Oven Again!

A Pyrolytic Oven is a fancy modern name for a self-cleaning oven. Which, if you stop and think about it, is another fancy name for a dream come true!

Technically speaking, this method is derived from Pyrolysis, which is the thermochemical decomposition of organic material at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen. And now in layman’s terms, Pyrolysis breaks down foods and fatty residue at 500 degrees Celsius until they turn to ash. Those familiar with ancient Greek will recognize the terms pyro(fire) and lysis (separating).

Either way, Pyrolysis is actually an infinitely more common process in the kitchen than you might expect. Whenever you subject something starchy, sugary or packed with protein to the process of roasting, baking, toasting, grilling, anything hot basically, eventually a delicious golden brown crust will start to form. This is Pyrolysis, breaking the food down.

However, while the golden crust is desirable, charred burn is less so, as the food breaks down into useless, tasteless carbon. And this is the principal of Pyrolytic cleaning – blast the oven until everything turns to ash and then just sweep out the residue.

Pyrolytic ovens often feature reinforced enamel to cope with the extremely high temperatures pyrolytic cleaning demands. Their doors are also very well insulated, to ensure both energy and financial efficiency. Lastly, any pyrolytic oven worth its salt boasts safety controls. These seal the door tight. Obviously having an oven blasting out 300+ temperatures is a big danger and fire hazard, and so these ovens must secure themselves when cleaning.

The cleaning itself is a relatively simple process. You’ll firstly need to remove all baking trays and racks from your oven, as they are unlikely to be quite this heat resistant or reinforced. Then kick back and relax for anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours as your Pyrolytic oven turns all organic matter within it to ash. Then simply wait a further half hour for your oven to cool, then wipe out the ash with a damp cloth.

And the best part? There’s no need for caustic chemicals or cleaning products so you save money in the long run!

Harvey Norman has a selection of Pyrolytic Ovens on offer. And while they might differ in size and shape, in finish and interface, each of them boasts an energy rating of A. This means that pyrolytic cleaning function won’t cost you an arm and a leg next time your electricity bill arrives!Check them out below,

In Short: Pyrolytic Ovens cut out the need for chemicals and cream cleaners by simply heat blasting their insides clean. A safe and energy effecient new way to clean

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