Nutribullet Face Scrub


Your Nutribullet is more than just a blender, it’s the best way to retain as many nutrients as possible from your ingredients while also making every part of the food easier to digest. This helps you easily create everything from perfect smoothies to soups, blasted omelettes, dips, dressings, nut butters and a whole lot more.

One thing you may not have considered when you think of your Nutribullet is a face scrub but the cyclonic action of its specialised blades is a great help when it comes to getting the right consistency. Plus when you’re creating your own homemade scrub you know exactly what’s going into it, so you can be sure it’s nothing but good organic ingredients which won’t harm your skin.

Check out this simple recipe for an organic face mask which you can make in seconds, using a few simple ingredients:

  • Raw Oats
    Lemon Juice
    Raw Organic Honey

It’s so easy, you really should give it a try! And this is just one suggestion from the massive resource of Nutriliving, a wonderful website dedicated to helping you on the path towards healthier living while also getting even more use out of your Nutribullet. It’s chock full of recipes, advice and general information about your health and well being.

Be sure to check out the full range of Nutribullet products at your local Harvey Norman store.

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