How much of your Christmas meal can be made using a table top mixer?


Last week, we covered how much of your Christmas Day meal can be made using a hand blender or mixer. It may surprise you how versatile they are.

Sometimes you need something a little more heavy duty, or you simply want to throw things into a bowl and be able to do other things if needs be while they’re getting mixed up. In that case, you’re better off using a table top mixer. But, again, they’re quite versatile and can come to the rescue for any meal.



Those who frequently cook, bake, and basically whip up a storm in the kitchen are best served by the Kenwood Prospero KM280. It takes a lot of the hard work out of delicious treats like breads, cakes, and pastries as it’s able to knead, whisk, and process ingredients. There’s even a blender attachment and citrus press as an added bonus. And while it offers a lot in terms of features and power, it won’t take up all your precious countertop space.




Some prefer to take care of large batches all at the one time. The Kitchen Aid is ideal for this, capable of handling up to 1.1kg of dough in its 4.8ltr bowl. There is a versatile range of additional accessories which will help you expand your culinary repertoire. It can help you create fusilli pasta from scratch or shred a block of parmesan cheese quickly, for example. Kitchen Aid’s mixers are beautiful devices with designs based on traditional mixers, but pack powerful and modern features.



Kenwood also offers a mixer for those who may use large quantities of ingredients. It boasts a 5ltr bowl with a large handle, and a 500W motor. Perhaps its most intriguing feature is its unique fold function, which ensures that it can incorporate ingredients without losing air. There are a range of colours available, so it’ll slot perfectly into any kitchen, and is compatible with a number of clever attachments.



In every product category, there tends to be one device that goes above and beyond. The Bosch MUM46A1GB is one such device. Its continuous shredder offers 3 stainless steel discs for slicing, shredding, and dicing, while it comes with bonus accessories like a dough hook, beater and whisking attachment, a liquidiser attachment, and a citrus press. This allows you to do a bit of everything, no matter what the meal or recipe.



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