How much of your Christmas meal can be made using a hand blender?


Christmas is the perfect time to gather family and friends and eat like a glutton before the New Year’s resolutions kick in. But nobody likes being left with loads of kitchen utensils and ware to clean up afterwards.

Certain appliances can be utilised over and over throughout the day, cutting down on the number of items to be washed. OK, yes, you’ll have to clean as you go, but that’s much less daunting than leaving everything until the end.

Take the humble hand blender or mixer, for example. It can be used for a multitude of meals and recipes over Christmas.

It’s important to start the day right with a good breakfast. The Russell Hobbs 18986 Rosso Stick Blender is the perfect tool for the job if you decide to go for an omelet for breakfast thanks to its stainless steel balloon whisk. Alternatively, get a head start on dessert by whisking up some meringues. Finally, it boasts a chopping attachment, which is great for blitzing herbs and small pieces of vegetables.



Yes, that’s right; Christmas dinner isn’t all about the turkey. Vegetables play a major role too. It’s perhaps the one time a year where people eat a well-rounded, albeit excessive, meal. The Kenwood HDP300WH features a masher attachment, which is ideal for preparing mashed potatoes or carrot and parsnip. The blender features an easy grip handle, and a Triblade system that means it can cover a wider area than other blenders.



Then there’s the Braun MQ745, which gives you more control over the speed thanks to its amazing Smart Speed control. There’s no need to fiddle with awkward speed dials; simply change the pressure of your squeeze and the head blender speed readjusts. It even packs a blender attachment with an ice crushing blade, so you can get your ice ready for post-dinner cocktails and refreshments.



Perhaps the best thing about these three models is that they all feature a detachable shaft, making them much easier to clean. After all, there are better things to do over Christmas than clean appliances.

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