New Kitchen Trend: Cooking with Colour!

Cooking with Colour

It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of any home. So why shouldn’t it be fun? If recent interior trends are anything to go by, colour is slowly but surely creeping into the most functional room of the house – and it’s about time too. If you think we’re suggesting you paint your cupboards bright blue or re-tile your floors in canary yellow, you can relax. There’s an easy, commitment-free way to make your countertops pop – just add some colourful accessories and appliances. Who said toasters and kettles have to be boring anyway?

Red Alert

A classic colour choice for everything from cars to clothes, red – especially the hot chilli variety – is back with a bang and taking over kitchen appliances. It’s a ‘bright and bold’ kind of colour that can’t help but catch the eye, so the more conservative among you may want to add small touches of it in the form of Molly Pops polka dot tableware, or perhaps with our mini wireless radios. If you’re a little more adventurous and love your home cooking, try out the Kitchen Aid Artisan Food Mixer or Blender for a cool countertop addition.

Made for Monochrome

If your kitchen fittings are white – or black – then you can easily add appliances in the opposite colour for instant monochrome chic. It’s a truly timeless look; even if an appliance breaks, there’ll always be replacements in the same colour. Once again, it’s Kitchen Aid’s retro inspired coffee machines and food mixers to the rescue for this effortlessly cool style; but we love Trent & Steele’s kettles and toasters too. For an even bigger effect, choose a white or black oven like the Rangemaster Elise All Electric Induction Hob or Whirlpool’s Oven & Hob Pack.

Marvellous Metal

Metal is always an excellent choice for a kitchen; it’s easy to clean and practical to use. Stainless steel and chrome is on the way out however; it’s all about copper these days. The perfect way to add some colour, warmth and interest to the kitchen while still keeping things functional, copper is everywhere. Check out our copper lights, light fittings and clocks, Delonghi’s Distinta Kettle and Toaster, Trent & Steele’s copper blender or even these (not copper, but we’ll make an exception) funky mini chip baskets for size.

Green with Envy

Green has to be the colour of the moment when it comes to kitchen appliances – perhaps because it looks especially appealing when paired with copper. Try combining some copper light fixtures or clocks with Trent & Steele’s stunning emerald green kettle, toaster and blender for a contemporary and colourful feel, along with the Rangemaster classic green oven for maximum impact. The Roberts Revival Radio comes in a more minty shade if emerald isn’t your thing, or if all else fails, some faux potted plants do the job just as well.

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