Kenwood Chef Sense – the Ultimate Kitchen Machine Coming to Harvey Norman


Baking, measuring, juicing, blending, mixing, beating, crushing, kneading and a whole lot more – the Kenwood Chef Sense really does everything. And despite this versatility it’s incredibly easy to use, focussed on a single main switch for the different features and speeds, up to a massive 1100W.

The included bowl features easy to read gradations so you can get your ingredients exactly right and comes with a handy splashguard and extra-large chute – so you won’t have to worry about making a mess.

Every Chef Sense comes with a range of bowl tools, including a K-shaped (for Kenwood) beater that easily reaches every part of the bowl, a balloon whisk for adding extra air to the mix and a dough hook for when you really need to knead!

And if you need more, Kenwood has more than 20 attachments available, letting you add elements like a food processor, dicer or juicer. These extra elements simply plug into the Chef Sense and ensure the machine is at the centre of your kitchen.

Best of all – the machine is easy to disassemble and clean, ready for your next culinary creation!

The Kenwood Chef Sense Kitchen Machine will be available at Harvey Norman Ireland soon. For more great kitchen appliances click here.


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