College Kitchen Essentials to Start the Year in Style


It’s almost time for students around the country to pack up and head off to college for another term. While it’s most definitely an exciting time for them, rising rents and daily expenses like transport and phone bills (to name a few) make the task more costly each year. One way to ease the financial burden on their wallets (and yours), however, is to equip them with as many necessities as possible before they go.

Rather than dining out on expensive – and often unhealthy – meals, setting your student up with handy kitchen appliances means they can make cheap, nutritious, and quick meals at home with minimum fuss and even less effort. Perfect for the busy student who’d rather spend as much time as possible enjoying college life!

While the cost of each individual item can add up, when split between housemates it’s much more manageable; they can even choose one appliance per semester to spread the cost even more, and by the end of the college year they’ll have a suite of countertop wonders to whip up delicious dishes in an instant.

Here’s our pick of college kitchen essentials to get them started on the right foot:


Perfect for chopping veggies, mincing meat, making smoothies or even the occasional cheeky cocktail, a good blender takes all the hassle out of making meals from scratch and can be used for just about any food you fancy.


Baked potatoes, scrambled eggs, porridge, popcorn and soup are just some of the nutritious options than can be made in a microwave; and all in just a few minutes too. Perfect if you’re cooking for one, they’re also great for defrosting frozen meals.

Food Steamer

You can make an entire meal in a food steamer; they cook meat, vegetables and even potatoes, and better yet, they retain all the vitamins and minerals too. Steamers are by far the healthiest cooking appliance around, and they’re super easy to use too.

Health Grill

For great taste with reduced fat, a health grill is the way to go. With non-stick finishes it’s not a huge chore to keep them clean, and the angled grill means that all the bad stuff drips away anyway. There are even 10-portion models for making several meals in one go.

Rice Cooker

Rice is a staple of every student’s diet, and a fuss free way to prepare it is with this handy rice cooker. It even includes a measuring cup, removable crockpot and non-stick bowl.

Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is vital for the student who stays out late but still needs to get to those early morning lectures – i.e. most of them! Rather than spending 2 or 3 euros a pop on a Starbucks each morning, a versatile coffee maker like this one will do the same job, for less.

And the Rest…

You’ve got all the essential appliances, but student accommodation can sometimes be lacking in some basic utensils too. Here are the inexpensive, easily found items we recommend for making meals in every college kitchen:

  • Measuring cup and mixing bowl: For making batch meals to last throughout the week
  • Can opener: You’d be surprised how many student rentals don’t have one!
  • Good knives: Make the cooking process much easier and more efficient
  • Casserole dish: For those easy meals like pasta bake, lasagne, stew, and more
  • Sieve or colander: For straining the student favourites of rice and pasta!
  • Lunchboxes: For storing leftovers, freezing veggies, or taking snacks to class

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