How Food Steamers Help Your Health

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Real, unprocessed food tastes best, right? It’s got a natural flavour that’s incomparable to its processed alternative. Aside from taste the nutritional value is also far greater. While figures have shown an increase in the sales of organic foods, do we really make the most of them in the kitchen? Are our cooking methods good enough? Is there a better way for us to prepare our vegetables and fish? You bet there is!

Food steamers are the healthiest cooking option available. Not only do they lock in nutrients, retain natural vitamins and minerals and lower cholesterol, they also cook food faster without oil and without creating a mess. At Harvey Norman, we stock a range of steamers that make the most of your food, so let’s see what they can do for you.

morphy richards

The Morphy Richards 3 tier steamer is made up of 3 compartments ideal for cooking a variety of food. Suitable for the preparation of family meals as well as for entertaining, it has a large 9L capacity and a 1.1L rice container. As we’ve already mentioned, steaming is the ultimate method of cooking for healthy eating as it retains the natural vitamins, minerals and moisture in food, while also negating the need for added fat. Simply set the time up to 60 minutes, set the table and get ready for a healthier, more fulfilling meal.

russell hobbs 3 tier

Stuck for time? Need to get dinner ready quickly? The turbo steam ring design of this Russell Hobbs 3 Tier Steamer is perfect for you. It creates a plume of steam in less than 40 seconds and, because steaming is faster and uses less energy than a conventional oven, you can whip up a meal faster without running up a bill! It comes complete with a rice bowl for perfectly fluffy rice and egg holders in the baskets so every kind of food is catered for. With the 3 tiers having a total capacity of 9L, you won’t be stuck for space when creating your next dish.

Tefal Simply Invents 3 Tier

With 3 tiers, a mechanical timer and an automatic keep warm function, creating your favourite meal has never been easier. The steamer features an Aquatimer that not only controls the level of water needed for each ingredient, but also stops when the water runs out. When you’re finished cooking, the 3 bowls store upside down neatly on the base for ultra compact storage. So, the only thing you need to do is choose your dish and get cooking!

For more steamer and small appliance options perfect for your home, shop in-store or online today!

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