Make Delicious Homemade Ice Cream


The weather is warming up so it’s just a matter of time before we get a proper hot spell. And to us, that means one thing – ice cream!

This year, instead of shelling out for tubs of cold and creamy treats why not try a spot of DIY with some home-made ice cream. Read on for our easy to follow recipe then try it yourself!

Ingredients:4 free-range eggs, yolks only100g caster sugar300ml double cream300ml full-fat milk1 vanilla pod

Method:Apart from the ingredients the main thing you’ll need to make ice cream at home is a good mixer, like this one from Bosch. Otherwise it’s all about rolling up your sleeves and making something from scratch, why not get the kids involved as well for some extra foodie fun.

1. Separate the eggs and place the yolks in a bowl. Add the sugar and whisk until thick.

2. Heat the cream and milk in a saucepan then add the vanilla. Before it boils, pour onto the eggs and sugar mixture, making sure to keep whisking.

3. Move the mixture to a new pan and heat gently while stirring so make sure it doesn’t burn or stick until it thickens then move it to a shallow freezer-proof container. Once cooled, cover and place in the fridge overnight.

4. The next day, transfer to the freezer but remove once an hour for three hours and whisk to ensure it doesn’t get too icy.

5. Finally leave it to freeze solid and you’ve made your own ice cream!

If this sounds like a lot of hard work you can save time and effort with the Sage Smart Scoop Ice-Cream maker which has a 1 litre capacity and even plays music when your tasty treat is ready to eat!

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In Short: Get a quick and easy ice cream recipe right here; perfect for the sunny weather and as an activity with the kids

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