What Does Your Fridge Say About You?


Our homes are filled with our own personalities – from the colours we choose for the walls to the books on the shelves, the number of cushions on the couch and the art (or family photos) which adorn the walls. But there’s another vital area which speaks volumes about the person who lives there, the humble frigidaire.

Sometimes a glimpse is all it takes – long-long remnants of takeaway food litter the shelves, a gourmet food item moulders in the corner and energy drinks sparkle enticingly. You’re probably looking at the fridge of a young male.

Confident chefs have stocks of ingredients in fridge and freezer, while busy parents will often have meals prepared for days in advance, as well as all the makings for sandwiches and snacks which are quick to prepare.

Then there are the fridges affected by dietary requirements – the gluten abstainers, the vegetarians or die hard vegans with veggie racks piled high and not a sight of flesh. And don’t forget the vital look into people’s drinking habits – the cold beers lying in wait for the weekend, or a bottle of white chilling for use after a hard day at the office.

It’s a fascinating snapshot of a person’s life, showing not just how they eat but also how well-stocked they are, as well as a little glimpse at the sweet and tasty items they consider a treat.

So what does your fridge say about you?

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In Short: The fridge is a great piece of technology but it’s also says a lot about the people who stocked it and gives us a glimpse of their life

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