Combi Steam vs Pyro Clean Ovens – Which is Best for You?


Human beings may have been cooking things for millennia but the technology is always growing and changing, with new innovations in how to bring tastier treats to you in ways that are both faster and healthier than ever before. Today, we’re taking a look at two new features Combi Steam and Pyro Clean ovens.

COMBISTEAM TECHSteaming is a great way to cook food because it helps to retain the vital nutrients and goodness, and also makes it easier to get results which are juicy and incredibly tasty.

And now you expect to get great steam-cooked food straight from your oven. Steam oven technology uses superheated water which is moved around every part of the oven. Lower temperaturescan use used than in conventional ovens, helping to preserve the flavours and also meaning lower energy costs.

It’s also a very clean way to cook, with little waste and no burned on foodstuffs, and dishes cooked at the same time retain their own flavour, without any mingling of smell or taste. It’s fast, efficient and great for cleaning up afterwards.

PYRO CLEAN TECHPyrolytic cleaning is another technology which is becoming more widespread – it was once only included in very expensive ovens but now is starting to appear in more affordable models.

Pyrolysis is the process by which organic material is destroyed by extreme heat and a lack of oxygen, and that’s exactly what happens during a pyrolytic cleaning cycle. The oven is locked so it cannot be openedand thenheated as high as 500 degrees Celsius. After a process which normally takes 2-3 hours, any dirt which was in your oven is reduced to ash which can be easily wiped away.

Anyone who has ever had to scrub the innards of an oven will know that it’s a painful process, so wouldn’t it be nice if you had a setting which just did it for you?

You can find a huge range of both combi steam and pyrolytic ovens at Harvey Norman now.

In Short: If you’re looking to take some of the hard work out of cleaning your oven, we’ve got some great tips on steam and pyro options

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