Get Perfect Pancakes With This Quick and Tasty Recipe


Why is there such a thing as Pancake Tuesday? Well it all has to do with Lent really – in the past the day before Ash Wednesday was when people wanted to use up all the tasty ingredients they had left in the house in time for the 40 day fast in the run up to Easter.

But archaeological evidence suggests that people have been enjoying pancakes of all types since the time of the ancient Greeks! So get involved with this millennia old tradition with our great and simple recipe.

INGREDIENTS2 eggs100 grams plain flour1 tablespoon of vegetable oil300 millilitres milkCaster sugar (to serve)


1. Get your main ingredients together – flour, eggs, milk and a little salt – into a large bowl then get whisking until the batter is smooth and delicious-looking. If you have the willpower, let it rest for 30 minutes, or just go straight to the cooking.

2. Get your frying pan and lightly coat it with oil. Get it to medium heat and pour on a small amount of batter, ensuring it spreads evenly. Then it’s time to let is carefully brown for about one minute until the moment comes and you have to flip it. Full loops outside of the pan are fancy, flipping with a spatula is less likely to cause disaster. One minute a side is perfect – our pro tip is to keep them warm in an oven as you cook.

3. Then it’s time to serve, with whatever extras you want. Lemon and sugar are classics but why not try something different – chocolate, caramel, banana or blueberries. Or you can go a little less sweet and try bacon, eggs, or goat’s cheese. And don’t forget that pancakes can be saved and heat up really well in the microwave!

Happy pancake Tuesday!

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In Short: Its pancake Tuesday, where we all get the chance to enjoy something sweet before Lent. Get ready for perfect pancakes with our quick and easy recipe.

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