Revolutionary Health Fryers


As people begin to move towards more health conscious food choices, our utilities are also doing their part. Here at Harvey Norman, we’ve got Nurtibullets designed to create healthy smoothies, eliminating the need to buy sugar filled alternatives. Now it’s the turn of the Fryer which has for so long been a mainstay in many kitchens. You now have the chance to make all those family favourites but save yourself unhealthy fats. We’ve some fantastic health fryers available so today we’ve selected three for you to discover and enjoy.

Imagine yourself cooking your favorite meal. It’s all there, finished off with tasty chips. Except this time, those chips contain 80% less fat. With the Philips Airfryer, this kind of cooking is possible. The taste remains the same, but you save yourself unhealthy and unnecessary fats with the Rapid Air feature. Cooking has never been easier and neither has the clean up, as each part of this fryer is dishwasher friendly.

This Tefal Low Fat Fryer epitomises multi-functional kitchen ware. You can cook pretty much anything it in and make the most of its health benefits at the same time. Chips require little to no oil and with its 1kg capacity (four servings), you can serve up healthy meals in abundance in no time.

The Tefal Fryer is challenging the conventional notion and use of fryers. Air Pulse Technology, a clever air cooking system, uses an upper heating element and a fan to create temperatures up to 200°. This versatile fryer can also be used to grill, bake and roast all your favourite foods. If you think your dinners are tasty now, just wait until you’ve tried this fryer!

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