Perfect Christmas Pudding Recipe


Now’s the right time to start perfecting your Christmas recipes, and in today’s blog we have a delightful Christmas pudding recipe courtesy of the good folks over at BBC Food.

This scrumptious Christmas pudding recipe is guaranteed to be a big hit with all your guests and is a truly tasty take on this Christmas classic.



350g/12¼oz sultanas

350g/12¼oz raisins or currants

150g/5¼oz dried figs, chopped

125g/4½oz candied peel

100g/3½oz dried apricots

75g/2½oz dark glacé cherries, halved

150ml/5fl oz brandy

100g/3½oz ginger in syrup, chopped, plus 2 tbsp of the syrup

2 apples or quinces, grated

2 oranges, juice and zest

6 eggs, beaten

250g/8¾oz shredded suet

350g/12¼oz soft muscovado sugar

250g/8¾oz fresh breadcrumbs

175g/6¼oz self-raising flour

1 tsp mixed spice



  1. For this recipe you will need two 1.5 litre(2½ pint) plastic pudding basins with lids.
  2. Soak the sultanas, raisins, currants, figs, peel, apricots and cherries in the brandy overnight, giving it a good stir now and again.
  3. The following day, in a large bowl mix the ginger, syrup, apples or quinces, orange juice and zest with the eggs, suet, sugar, crumbs and flour.
  4. Stir in the soaked fruit and spice.
  5. Grease the two pudding basins and divide the mix between them.
  6. Cut two circles of greaseproof paper to cover the top of the pudding and fold a pleat down the centre to allow pudding to expand.
  7. Put lids on the basins and steam puddings for 3½ hours.
  8. Let puddings cool before removing greaseproof paper and covering tightly with cling film and lid. The puddings can now be stored in a cool, dry place until Christmas.
  9. To reheat, steam pudding for a further 3½ hours, turn out and flame with brandy.

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