Highlights of Our Connected Home Range Pt 3


The third entry of the Connected Home series of blogs details some of the great smart appliances you can purchase today for a simpler homelife. Don’t forget to check out the previous two entries of the Connected Home series: part 1 reviewed smart entertainment products while part 2 stepped into the kitchen.

Smart Washing Machine – Samsung 9KG AddWash Washing Machine

The Samsung 9KG AddWash Washing Machine is the definition of a smart appliance. It’s designed to save you money on energy bills by effectively washing larger loads at lower temperatures through use of the patented ecobubble technology and the Super Eco Wash spin cycle.

Smart Control allows you to remotely control the washing machine through your smartphone via the Samsung app, so you can start, stop and pause spin cycles and keep tabs on when your wash is nearing completion. It will even send you alerts when the cycle is finished. With a 9KG capacity, this washing machine can easily handle the biggest of washing loads, and can complete an average sized wash load (5KG) in just 59 minutes.

Smart Dishwasher – Electrolux Built-in Dishwasher Stainless Steel    

Another highly impressive smart appliance, the Electrolux Built-in Dishwasher features adjustable baskets and racks and a total of 13 place settings. It also features a smart AutoFlex function that optimises energy and water usage by determining the load size and soil level, ensuring the load receives a thorough cleaning at the minimum usage level.

Similarly, the AutoOff function ensures the dishwasher consumes zero energy between cycles, so you don’t have to worry about costly energy charges. The Delay Start function delays the start of a wash by up to 24 hours, while the 30-minute quick program is perfect for cleaning just used dishes.

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