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With National Fire Safety Week underway, it’s worth thinking of ways to improve fire safety in your home. There are steps that you can take to prevent fires, such as plugging out electrical appliances at night and putting fire guards around open fires. But you should also be prepared in the event that a fire occurs.

A working smoke alarm is one of the most important things that you can have in your home. Chief Officer of The Dublin Fire Brigade Patrick Fleming said, at the launch of National Fire Safety Week, that households should have one working smoke alarm on each floor of your house. He added, “It will give you the extra vital warning to allow you to escape from a fire should one occur.”

Nest recently released the Nest Protect Smoke and CO Alarm, which alerts you that your home is at risk because of the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide. It also provides you with the knowledge you need to remain safe as it tells you what the problem is and where it is situated. If you’re not in the house, you can check how things are at any time with the Nest app and messages will be sent to your phone if the alarm goes off. Nest protect will also text you if its batteries are running low.

Low batteries can be the bane of those trying to sleep as the alarm chirps through the night. Nest Protect tests its sensors and batteries constantly and will let you know that all is well with a quick green glow at night. Nest Protect excels at night with voice alarms to wake heavy sleepers and its Pathlight, which guides the way to safety.

Nest Protect is available, exclusively in Ireland, at Harvey Norman. Call into stores today to find out how Nest Protect can improve your home’s fire safety or see more information online.

In Short: We should all take steps to improve our home’s fire safety. Fire alarms, such as Nest Protect, are invaluable and can be lifesavers in the event of a fire.

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