Samsung’s Waterwall Dishwasher Features 35 Percent Stronger Water Pressure


We all over pack our dishwashers. It’s a fact of life. Nothing to be ashamed of! If anything, it’s a decidedly Irish thing to do, a knock-on from our national thriftiness – running a dishwasher costs a certain amount and we’re getting our money’s worth out of it, one way or another!Considering this, it seems like Samsung designed their new Waterwall dishwasher specifically with the Irish in mind…

Courtesy of its patented design, the Samsung Waterwall launches high pressure vertical water jets upwards into your dirty dishes, while also moving laterally from end to end.

As the first major dishwasher redesign in almost forty years, the Samsung Waterwall differs fundamentally from the typical rotary sprays present in most other dishwashers. Usually, circling, spiralling jets chuck a lot of water around inside machine. It’s crude, effective, but not the most accurate. Conversely, the Samsung Waterwall has proved itself to provide a more thorough cleanse, with its corner to corner lateral motion and water jets which boast 35% better pressure than those rotary counterparts.

The Samsung Waterwall also boasts a new feature called Zone Booster. This is a controllable intensive washing function which lets users map just how virulently the WaterWall washes certain sections, or more pertinently certain dishes. If you want the water jets to blast hot and hard on your pots and pans but warm and gentle on your side-plates and glasses, you can use Zone Boost to accommodate your needs.

The Samsung Waterwall also features water pressure control, ideal for when you’re washing delicate glassware or stubborn dishes. Additionally, there is an easily removable third rack in the Waterwall’s uppermost section, designed to house any whisks or wooden spoons or spatulas. And at the end of the cycle, it can simply be pulled from the dishwasher and transported straight over to the drawer.

Ultimately though, what Samsung’s new Waterwall dishwasher really means for consumers is that they can stuff their dishwaters as full as they can and still rely on a thorough cleaning.

Find out more about the new Samsung Waterwall dishwasher here

In Short: Samsung has redesigned the dishwasher for the first time in 40 years with their new Waterwall technology which laterally cleans dishes

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