Introducing the Samsung Family Hub Fridge Freezer


While we started to see smart technology products become popular last year, 2017 will be the year that the smart home takes centre stage. There’s a whole host of smart tech like smart TVs already available to buy, but one household product you may not have expected to come smart ready is the trusty refrigerator. The Samsung Family Hub Fridge Freezer is set to change that, and today’s blog takes a look at some of the impressive features this fridge comes with.

Staying Connected

The first notable feature of the Samsung Family Hub is its 3 built-in cameras, which when connected to your smartphone via the Samsung Smart Home app allow you to check the contents of your fridge even when you’re out at the shops. This forward thinking feature ensures you’ll never run out of your favourite foods again.

HD Touchscreen

You can track the expiry dates of key fridge items, and set reminders to appear on the fridge’s touchscreen display to let you know when expiry dates are nearing. Use the Recipe app to choose from thousands of great tasting recipes, and leave notes for your family on the touchscreen’s StickiBoard.

Music, Videos & TV Entertainment

The Samsung Family Hub’s aforementioned touchscreen display can be used for a variety of entertainment purposes, including playing non-stop music and watching videos and TV programmes.

Switch between Fridge and Freezer

The CoolSelect Plus Zone is found in the bottom-right section of the fridge, and can be switched between a fridge and a freezer simply by pressing a button, allowing you to customise the fridge’s temperature settings on the fly.

Triple Cooling System

Samsung’s Triple Cooling System maximises humidity and prevents odours from mixing, controlling and optimising the fridge’s temperature to ensure foods stay fresher for longer.

With a number of innovative features designed to keep your food fresher for longer, plus some truly great entertainment functions, the Samsung Family Hub Fridge Freezer is the perfect refrigerator for the connected family. If you’re looking to invest in some smart technology for your home in 2017, then the Samsung Family Hub Fridge Freezer is the unit for you.

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