Google Powers the Smart Connected Home


Yesterday, Google showed off a range of new products including two new smartphones, a virtual reality headset and an enhanced Wi-Fi router.

One of the most exciting announcements was Google Home, which is all about bringing a Smart Connected experience to every room.

This unit is part speaker, part microphone and part personal helper. With Google Assistant you can just say ‘OK Google’ and it will help you with just about any query.

That includes everything from asking how old George Clooney is to finding out the weather forecast. You can check the local traffic or even find out what’s in your calendar for today.

Google Home also integrates with your favourite music services like Spotify and you can just call out an artist or track to get it started. You can even get it to control Netflix on your TV by just asking for a specific show!


This neat little unit has been designed to fit into any home, and there are a range of different bases on offer to suit your style. It also comes with enhanced Connected Home features like being able to control your Nest Learning Thermostat, perfect for changing the temperature or setting the radiators to come on in the morning.

Google Home can interact with other smart devices around the home, including light bulbs and plugs which are connected over a wireless network. If you’re coming into a dark house, just get Home to turn on the lights or even start brewing you a coffee!

This smart device is a first step towards creating a truly Connected Home, with simple systems designed to make your life easier.

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