Would You Buy a Smart Kettle?



Smart Connected technology is here, and it’s changing how we do just about everything.

At home that means a system of products which can be synced over Wi-Fi and can even be controlled via your smartphone or tablet. You could turn the heating on from afar, make sure the plugs are off, turn on your music in the whole house or check on the progress of a wash cycle.

When it comes to Kettles, smart means giving you more options and at the same time making sure you have exactly the right flavour from your favourite brew.

A Smart Kettle has a number of different brewing temperatures. That includes your bog standard 100 degrees Celsius (boiling point to you and me) as well as lower numbers like 90 degrees and 80 degrees.

That’s because different teas work best at various heat levels. Too warm and you risk breaking down delicate flavours while too cool and the balance won’t percolate to all parts of the beverage.

These models are also useful because they go a little further to keep the water at the same temperature for up to 20 minutes. That means it’s ready whenever you are, and you won’t have to boil again.

Here’s Heston Blumenthal with a little more on Smart Kettles.

Smart Kettles are a new addition to the kitchen, would you use one?


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