The D-Link EyeOn Baby Camera is a smart new twist on the standard baby Monitor!


The standard audio baby monitor will certainly do you fine for the early months of your child’s life. However, as they start to get a bit more mobile, it’ll be of immense comfort to see what they’re actually doing once the rustling starts when you put them to bed.

The D-Link EyeOn Baby Camera helps in this regard, seamlessly converting your smartphone or tablet into a mobile baby monitor.

Firstly, download the free mydlink Baby app onto your device, be it iOS or Android. Second, place the camera itself somewhere it can get a good look at your infant. Try to minimize blind spots by affixing it to the opposite wall or roof. Finally, wirelessly establish a link between monitor and your device and keep an eye on your child at any distance, at your leisure.

You can check on him/her at a glance, pinch to zoom in closer, monitor the situation in terms or motion or temperature and even trigger on of five soothing lullabies to carry your baby off to sleep.

And for those of you playing the long game, and in need of embarrassing ammunition during those troublesome teenage years, you can obviously take pictures and 720p videos of your kid as they sleep/fidget. Ideal ammunition for when they grow older and/or snarkier!

Two way audio between yourself and your child is not something we recommend you leave on all the time, especially when they’re trying to sleep. But it’s a unique feature and can be handy for soothing a waking infant until you climb the stairs to reach them.

Similarly, the inbuilt thermometer offers peace of mind to worried parents. The D-Link EyeOn Baby Camera immediately alerts you to any rise or dip in temperature it deems excessive, both via colour change in the camera’s LED and a message sent directly to your phone.

An intriguing new brand of baby monitor, the D-Link EyeOn Baby Camera offers smartphone age convenience with some innovative new features. A great purchase for parents with young children!


In Short: All the traditional benefits of a baby monitor with the smartphone age convenience of a wireless camera, the D-Link EyeOn Baby Camera is a clever device

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