Stay Safe This Christmas with the WeMo Smart Switch


Turning your house into a smart home might sound like a big task but you can get started easily with a Belkin WeMo Home Automation Switch.

This handy unit plugs into any regular electric wall socket in your house and converts it into a smartswitch. The WeMo connects to your home Wi-Fi signal and can then be controlled from anywhere, anytime!

This process takes just a few seconds and gives you access to any of your electrical items from afar. Just use the free WeMo app (Android and iOS) and you can turn your appliances on or off with a touch of the screen.

What’s more, you can use the accessible controls of the app to set up a schedule for your electrical devices – perfect if you want a heater to come on 30 minutes before you get home or if you want the lights to simulate activity while you’re away on holiday.

During this festive season, you can give yourself peace of mind by hooking up your Christmas tree lights to a WeMo making it easy to ensure you’ve switched them off. Schedule outside lights to run only at certain times or even turn everything on magically as you walk up the driveway.

The WeMo is a simple way to smarten up your home, and it will also help you save money by regulating the way you use your electricity. Plus you’ll never have to worry about leaving a curling iron, fan or light on again!

Help make your home smarter for Christmas at Harvey Norman now.

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