How Does a Nest Cam Protect Your Home?


Firstly, let’s start with another question – what is a Nest Cam?

It’s the latest product from a company called Nest which creates smart connected devices for use around the home. That means they’re connected to your home Wi-Fi network and can be controlled from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

The Nest Cam is a small camera which looks a bit like a web cam which connects to your home network and can be set up almost anywhere thanks to a number of different attachment options. Once powered on and placed, it will live stream HD quality footage of its nearby area, and you can check in whenever you like.


The Nest Cam is a great addition to your home security set up. Not only is it really simple to use – just plug it in and connect to your network – but it also makes monitoring a breeze.

All you have to do is open up the dedicated app and you’ll be able to see a live stream of wherever you’ve set it up. With full 1080p HD video and a 130 degree field of view, you won’t miss a thing.

Better still, the camera also has an included microphone so you can hear what’s going on – check if the baby is sleeping soundly or find out what the curious noise was. There’s even a speaker which you can use to get someone’s attention or scare someone away if they’re trying to break in. while you’re also calling the police of course.

The Nest Cam is controlled by a complex series of algorithms which will notify you only when its most important. So if you’ve got a window which looks out on a group of trees, it will learn to discount the way they move in the wind. That means when you get a notification from the app, you know it has to be something important.

You’ll feel extra safe and secure thanks to the built-in night vision mode on the Nest Cam. Using an array of infra-red lights, you’ll be able to see in total darkness, letting you check on pets at night or making sure the doors and windows are locked up tight.

As a smart camera, Nest Cam also integrates with other connected systems. For example the Nest Protect is a smart fire alarm and if it senses smoke in the area you can automatically get the feed from the camera to check it out. And the Nest Learning Thermostat can be programmed to turn off any fans in the area to stop the spread of the flames.

It’s all about putting your security first, and with a network of cameras you can keep an eye on everything which goes on in your house. And Nest Aware takes this even further with constant video backups for the last 30 days. You can go back over things while you were away on holidays and export fun clips and time-lapses – like the  birthday party where you too busy to take pictures!

Nest Aware is also a vital tool in the event that your home does get burgled. You can review the footage to send on to the police and this even works if the camera itself is stolen. As the footage is backed up to your account offsite, you’ll always have access to the information you need if the worst happens.

The Nest Cam is a part of the new movement towards smart connected homes which you’re your everyday life easier by giving you access to the services you need no matter where you are. And it will also let you answer the eternal question of what dogs actually get up to when you’re not at home!

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Read more about the Nest Cam here.

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