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The Connected Home is coming, and it’s going to make your life much, much easier.

A Connected Home is really all about having appliances that art smart. In the same way that a Smart TV adds extra functionality to that box in the corner of your living room, we’re starting to see similar technology rolling out to appliances all over the house.

These devices all essentially connect to the internet in some way, usually by interfacing with your home wireless router which can be synced quickly and easily. From there, they can be communicated with via your smartphone, tablet or computer and that’s where the really game changing stuff starts.

Imagine being at work and knowing you left a light or an electrical socket on – instead of worrying about power consumption or the risk of a fire, you can just reach for your phone and switch them off at the touch of a button. The BelkinWeMo lightbulb and plug kits work in exactly this way, and that futuristic technology is available right now at Harvey Norman.

But it doesn’t stop there. Nest produces a thermostat which you can access from anywhere at any time. Access it to warm up the house when you’re close to home or get things toasty from under the covers in the morning. But Nest takes it further to learn your habits and routines, so that after a few weeks it will know what time you get up at on a Monday morning and adjust things accordingly.

The Connected Home is quite simply a smarter home. These devices come with sophisticated but accessible apps which give you control but also let you monitor important information like energy usage, so you can really get on top of your bills.

And it’s not all about being careful of what you’re spending; Connected Homes can be fun too. Like when you set up a wireless speaker system from a company like Sonos. This allows you to have a series of speakers in each room which are all controlled by a central app – so you can have different tunes in each space or rock the whole house with your chosen song.

This may all sound like technology from the future but its available right now, and you can see what it’s like in action at the Ideal Home Show in Dublin from the 17th to the 19th of April 2015. Harvey Norman will be there with their own Connected Home chock full of smart products to help make your life easier, and you can get free tickets right here.

And once you know what Connected Home products you want, be sure to check out the full range of products at Harvey Norman

In Short: The Connected Home revolution is definitely on its way so we’re laying out the benefits of this new way of living

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